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We are excited to share progress on our journey to shape the future of Hamilton County.

After months of community input, research and analysis, we’re moving forward with the next phase of plan development. This comprehensive planning process will create a blueprint for our community’s development, touching on everything from transportation to housing and public services. The goal of Plan Hamilton is managing long term growth and prioritization of capital projects. This is the first time Hamilton County has looked at the outlying areas of our community through the lens of managing growth and the potential impacts to infrastructure and services. Through advanced planning tools and cross-departmental collaboration, we’re laying the groundwork for a future that benefits everyone.

In April, the RPA will begin rolling out the plan findings, including draft maps that envision the future layout of our community.  Make sure to sign up for updates HERE.

This plan update was presented to the Hamilton County Commission on March 6, 2024.

Existing Conditions Maps by Area

Summary of Public Input and Top Issues

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