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In order to create a shared vision for the future, we must study growth factors at a comprehensive County-wide & City-wide level. These plans will ensure that services and infrastructure are readily available by providing a strategy to address upcoming growth.  The RPA has organized Hamilton County into 13 areas so communities can give input about issues in their location.

Consultant teams are tasked with creating Plans for all of Hamilton County and Chattanooga as part of a “Strategy for Managing Growth,” an initiative led by the RPA that will also involve the smaller municipalities in Hamilton County.  Both Hamilton County and the City of Chattanooga serve as partners to provide funding and support for these efforts.  Once completed, the Comprehensive Plans and the more detailed Area Plans will be presented to the Hamilton County Commission or the Chattanooga City Council for adoption.

Our Communities, Our Growththe Chattanooga-Hamilton County Regional Planning Agency, and their consultant team–led by Ragan Smith, is embarking on a mission to formulate a well-structured comprehensive plan that would cover the entirety of the unincorporated county. This critical undertaking seeks direction from the County Mayor’s office and the County Commissioners—an effective collaboration to ensure that all decisions align with the county’s overall strategy.

The comprehensive plan aims to address crucial aspects for sustaining a healthy and growing community. Topping the list of areas under consideration will be:

  • Schools – With a focus on how new growth impacts school capacity.
  • Roads – Ensuring smooth transportation and connectivity for the residents.
  • Sewer Access – Upholding the area’s sanitary conditions to secure the wellness of the inhabitants.
  • Jobs – Boosting the local economy and opening opportunities for employment.

In addition, there is a Fire/Emergency Services Study underway and a Parks Study led by the Trust for Public Land being created for the County, which will be integrated with the Comprehensive Plan. The process includes growth scenarios and transportation analysis by Ragan Smith with our partners at Kimley-Horn. There is also funding in place for economic analysis for the McDonald Farm as part of planning efforts for Sale Creek. 

One of the significant highlights of this process is that it will engage the very people it concerns – The Community. The planning agency strongly believes in maintaining transparency and incorporating public viewpoints into their strategies. Thus, an extensive community outreach program is in place, ensuring citizens can contribute their feedback and suggestions.

This program will include regular large public meetings for each area of the county, offering a platform for residents to voice their concerns, ideas, and suggestions about the comprehensive plan. With a pivotal focus on timeliness and regularity, these public meetings aim to foster a collaborative and participative environment between the planning agency, public office bearers, and most importantly, the citizens.

The first round of these public meetings has concluded. The next round will begin in mid-November with specific dates and locations to be published soon. These important assemblies are open to all – Every resident within the County’s outlying region holds the right to be part of this significant process of shaping their community’s future.

Stay tuned for more details about the public meetings. This is your opportunity to be part of shaping the future of your community. Be there, your voice matters!

Read the March 28, 2023 press release

Plan Phases

Phase 3 begins in November with public meetings to gather community input on the existing conditions analysis and other findings.

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